The Salt of Something New

Chandrika Narayanan-Mohan presents a programme featuring six poets from four continents who are making their mark on the world of Irish poetry.

First broadcast: 30 April 2023, RTÉ lyric fm; re-broadcast 11 February 2024.

Available to listen back here:

Poets Chandrika Narayanan-Mohan (left) and Polina Cosgrave.

In recent years, the world of Irish poetry has seen the emergence of many new voices of poets who were born outside Ireland and came here either as children or as adults. They are taking part in workshops, readings and spoken word events, publishing in journals, and some have begun to publish full collections of poetry.

In The Salt of Something New, we hear from six poets from four continents. Presented by Chandrika Narayanan-Mohan, who was born in India, we also hear from Simone Sav, who was born in Romania, Rafael Mendes from Brazil, Polina Cosgrave from Russia, Nithy Kasa from the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Dagogo Hart from Nigeria. In conversation and poetry, they explore themes of belonging, language, identity and home. All are grappling with issues of embracing life in Ireland while not losing the connection with the place of their birth, and with finding a home both in Ireland and in the world of Irish poetry.

The Salt of Something New is produced by Claire Cunningham (Rockfinch Ltd) and funded by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland from the Television Licence Fee. Producer for RTÉ lyric fm: Eoin O’Kelly.